Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons Husbands Should Buy Their Wives a Ticket to the Chosen Women’s Conference for Christmas:

10. You don’t have any idea what to get her.

9. You can purchase from the comfort of your own home.

8. No long lines, here just a few clicks – and you’ll be done in less than five minutes.

7. A piece of paper is easy to wrap and hide.

6. She will be out of the house for two nights in a row – can you say guys night?!

5. She will most likely come back from the conference a better wife.

4. It’s a very thoughtful gift. Feel free to use this line to go along with the ticket: Sweetheart, adiposity you do so much for our family, sales I thought you would really enjoy some time away with the girls.

3. Unlike a new kitchen gadget, she will certainly remember it a month after Christmas.

2. It is way more than an awesome stocking stuffer, it’s an investment in her spiritual growth.

1. It is an opportunity for her to hear some of the best speakers in the country – Greg Surratt, Lisa Bevere, Jo Saxton & Helen Lee. You will probably even glean some wisdom from her overflow.

Chosen Women’s Conference
January 19-20, 2012
Seacoast Church
Mt. Pleasant, SC

*BONUS IDEAS – If you want to “go the extra mile,” book her a massage or pedicure during the Friday break, give her cash to shop at the Chosen Boutique or buy her a new journal to take notes.