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Maternity Leave

There are several things that I miss about working – mostly the people and the projects, purchase but one thing that I have not yet had the opportunity to miss is getting paid to have a baby. At my preivious job, audiologist  I had disability insurance that sent me a check every week for six weeks while I was off work on maternity leave! Tomorrow, thumb we are anticipating the arrival of our newest addition and, unfortunately, I won’t be getting those disability checks to supplement the income that I don’t have. However, I’m still planning to take a little maternity leave and while I do, I’m so excited to announce that I will have a guest blogger. Jessica Carpenter is one of my dearest friends who recently re-entered the blogging world and you are sure to find her posts to be humorous, enlightening, entertaining and inspiring. This is her first guest post:

Galatians 5:22, 23- The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. We are using my friend Jenna’s Truth Cards each week to learn a different Bible verse with Austin. I’m going to share how we are using the Truth Cards and incorporating them into our daily routine and school and training time.

A little background: Austin is a typical 4 year old boy. So, a lot of our training time is spent practicing getting self control, following instructions, focusing on the task we are doing for more than 2 minutes, holding still, and slowing down a bit. Having fun is not something we have to work on. He is a good combination of Travis and I; but he definitely has some of my crazy hurricane-like excitement. So, when we learn a verse, we also usually learn a song, dance, or motions to it by request from Austin. I try not to make them seem too much like a cheer; but they do end up that way on occasion. So, here are some of our ideas and ways we are using the Truth Cards to learn the verse and other learning activities:

Learning with Motions: This week we made up motions for each word of the verse. I think this works well for him when it’s a verse that has a list. We did this for Isaiah 9:6, too.  Love – hands over our heart. Joy- hands in the air. Peace- peace sing. Aren’t I original. Patience- hands at our side. Kindness- Austin made this one up, he leans forward and smiles. Well, usually he then falls on the floor, too. Goodness- thumbs up. Faithfulness- marching in place. Gentleness- hands on our face. Self-control- folded hands in front of us. He likes to do some sort of crazy motion at the end for the reference and either have a reason to hit something or play air guitar or punch the air.

Video:We also googled a fruit of the spirit song/video to watch. Honestly, super cheezy. I’m not gonna post a link to that here. But, it was fun to watch with him a couple times.  He loves to look things up on the computer.

Keeping them In Sight: We keep the Truth Card on the kitchen table so that he sees it at every meal. I put it in a plastic picture frame. I really believe in the importance of teaching the Word of God to him. I also believe that using the time to focus and memorize and learn concepts is going to help him developmentally, too. So, honestly, the Truth Cards have become a major source of our training/school time and are helping me have a focus for my sort of randomly created home-pre-school.  2 Tim 3:16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness..(ESV).

Activity following the Theme: This week I decided to add an activity to match the verse, too. Sort of help me focus my activity/school time with him. So, obviously, there is so much to do with the fruit of the spirit. But, here is something we started impromptu this week to help with the coloring and focusing area. Austin likes to color really fast and without looking at the page. Yep. Boy! Cracks me up. But, seriously, we need to be able to color and actually look at the page.

So, I googled fruit of the spirit, found this clip art. Printed two copies. I colored one, and I let him color one. We used mine as the base. Then we cut the fruit off the one he was coloring (with his new scissors) and pasted the fruit to the matches. Again, these are things he loves to do. Cut. Paste. Match things. I have incorporated that he needs to listen to my instructions. So, I had him color each fruit the same color that I colored mine. I also asked him to match them in order and say them with me. Then we looked for the letter to each word. He likes to sound things out. So, we said “k-k-k…where is the word that starts w/ ‘K’?” I did use this activity again a few days later.

Side note: If you paste the fruit on, most of the time it can be peeled off later. So, I peeled it off & we re-pasted it in order of the fruit. And P.S. Yes, that is a crumb on my table in the photo. Thought y’all might like that.  I also found all kinds of ideas on spreading out weeks and lessons on fruit of the spirit and baking things, etc. Obviously, the fruit of the spirit is an easy topic to google search for ideas.

To check out Jessica’s incredible blog, please visit:

How Truthcards Were Born

The other day I was looking at a picture of myself and I thought, information pills “dude, health you used to be a chubby dude!” Then I realized that the picture that stirred that thought was taken the night before. In other words, ed I am a chubby dude. It’s time to do something about it. I introduce you to the 90 Day Biggest Loser Challenge!

Why 90 Days? Because that takes us to Memorial Day Weekend, which is usually the 1st time each year that I am forced to awkwardly remove my shirt to reveal how much I stored away during the winter. Not this year.

I’ve got 8 people committed so far. I’d love to have 8 more before we start. Comment here or hit me up on Twitter of Facebook and let me know you’re in!
Below are the details!

2/27/12 First Weigh In
5/25/12 Final Weigh In
$100 to Join
0-10 Entries – Winner takes it All
10-15 Entries – 2nd place gets $100, winner keeps the rest
15+ Entries – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes

1. Must weigh in weekly on Mondays, using the same scale at each weigh-in. You’ll get an email with specific weigh-in instructions. Don’t worry, we’ll protect your identity.

2. You go by the percent of body weight loss. This is calculated by taking your actual weight (today) and subtract it from your initial weight. Then divide that number by your initial (starting) weight. Take that number and multiply it by 100 and you get your weight loss percentage.

3. There is a one time $100 registration fee which MUST be paid during the 1st week.

4. You can Join at any time during the first three weeks (but the longer you wait the harder it will be to win)

5. There will be a penalty fee of $1 added for each pound gained. (i.e. Gain 3 pounds, you owe $3)

Who’s In? Let’s shed this weight~

About a year ago, malady shortly after my second daughter was born, page
I felt the Lord calling me to make a career change from Corporate Event Coordinator to Stay-at-Home Mom. This was a big leap of faith for our family and another incredible story that I’ll save for later, refractionist
but for now I’ll just say that the Lord made it clear that this was the right choice for us.

My first daughter was around one and a half and we had been using flashcards often for learning words. One night, during one of those late night feedings, I was thinking and praying about my new role as a Stay-at-Home Mom. My job responsibilities had changed from planning fantastic parties and running the corporate wellness program to changing diapers, feeding children, cooking and cleaning. Most importantly, however, I was going to be responsible for sowing seeds of righteousness in my precious children. I felt the Lord prompting me, what if, as I was teaching Addison new words, instead of just saying the sheep says “bahhh,” I was actually speaking His Words to her? So, I thought about it and decided that the Lord, as He always is, was right.

The venture to create scripture flashcards began.

I initially hand made five sets to give as Christmas gifts. The process was long and our kitchen table and living room turned into a production factory for a couple of months, but I was delighted with the end product. I thought about the possibility of making the cards for a business, but was so burnt out on it after Christmas, that I put the idea on hold.

The New Year rolled around and my sister and brother (in-law, but we aren’t crazy about the term) began using them with their two and a half year old son, Miles. They chose one card per week on which they could have Miles focus and he began to learn verse after verse. The effectiveness of the cards, along with much encouragement from friends, family and the Holy Spirit, spurred me on to pursue the business of creating scripture flashcards for children.

I’m not so naive to think that Miles could have memorized the verses without encouragement and discipline from his parents – just like adults, toddlers need accountability.

My hope is that this blog will be used to create a community of parents who desire to raise their children to learn God’s word.
So, please join in, let’s encourage one another in teaching our children diligently (Deuteronomy 6:7)!

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